Copy of First Post on Last Blog: New Art Therapy Group Forming

Announcement: New Art Therapy Group Forming

 I am starting a new art therapy group for people dealing with eating disorders and related issues, such as body image issues, food and exercise addictions, emotional eating, binge eating and overeating, as well as the accompanying mood swings, depression, and anxiety that often follow from these types of struggles.
You do not have to be diagnosed with a serious eating disorder to join the group. Anyone who wants to explore these issues is welcome in the group. If you are in an outpatient program or just finished any kind of program for eating disorders and liked art therapy and found it helpful, this would be a suitable group for you.The group, called “Make Art Now!” (for Eating Disorders and Related Issues), will meet weekly on Fridays at 1 pm. It will be an hour or a 1.5 hour group depending on the needs and schedules of group members. It will meet in my art studio/office in downtown New York City near Canal Street.We will be using a variety of art materials to process issues and themes that arise in the group. We will make individual and group art projects.For more info, contact me through this blog. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section…
Or, simply email me at:

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