Weekly Scribble Drawings

Every Monday I try to do a scribble drawing in one of my sketchbooks. This is a great way to keep drawing but also not like working on my other art projects which usually have a theme and concept behind them. The scribble drawing is a tiny visit to the unconscious. You close your eyes or avoid looking at the paper while you scribble. I try to make a loose scribble. Some are more “scribbly” than others. I started doing this at the beginning of December and have kept it up on a weekly basis. Some weeks I’m not satisfied with the first one and if I have time I’ll do a second. The interesting thing that happened is on 2/27 I started incorporating collage elements, just from magazines. It is more fun and right now in all my art work I’ve been obsessed with collage for quite a long time but on my regular work I use all sorts of media and in my scribble drawings I keep it flat as it’s in a sketchbook…
Images uploaded are from the following dates:
1. 1/9/12
2. 1/23/12
3. 2/27/12
4. 3/5-3/6/12






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