Mental Health Awareness Month

I’m interrupting my multiple posts on money and therapy to get the word out! If it weren’t for my following a lot of mental health blogs I would have no idea it is Mental Health Awareness Month this month May!

It’s now halfway through May but better late than never. Therapists out there tell your patients about this and tell other therapists. Others out their with a mental illness tell your families! People out there who want to know more about mental health, get online, read articles and blogs! See if your local newspaper is aware of this. Tell your friends on Facebook and other social media.

I know so many people out there quietly taking their psychotropic medications and just trying to get through each day. This month we celebrate you for your courage in finding out about your mental illness and trying to get healthy in a society that still promotes too much stigma about mental illness.

This month everyone should have been aware of this from end of April. It’s been going on since about 1949 and not well enough publicized.

Call your brother, sister, parent, other loved one and tell them how much you love them and how proud you are of them for coping with their mental illness and not giving up on themselves! There are still too many suicides in our country, a majority caused by mental illness and the deep pain of living with it…


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