Addendum to Last Post

Scheduling and fees:
The therapist should be clear about scheduling and fees and her cancellation policy. I give out a written description of my cancellation policy in the first session to avoid any misunderstandings. Asking the fee for the first session is fine and a good idea if you’re not sure you can afford it. If you have insurance you should ask about both in network and out of network outpatient mental health coverage before you see anyone. Always ask if there is a deductible, how much it is, is there a limit to how many sessions covered and what is your copay or your part of the fee.

If you call a new therapist and don’t hear from her after a day, call someone else. Therapists need to respond quickly to set up your first session. It’s better to call do you can have a short conversation and hear her voice. Don’t take up too much time on the phone. Most therapists prefer to meet in person and have you ask questions then. If someone responds by phone but doesn’t take much time talking on the phone, this is NOT a bad sign for the reason I just mentioned.

If a new therapist keeps canceling without rescheduling or doesn’t see you consistently at least once a week from the beginning, that is a bad sign. You need to start out with regularly scheduled session and get your own time slot at the beginning of treatment…


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