Money and Therapy 2

This will be a quick post. I’ll try to stick with one topic. I realized recently that I had been avoiding a growing bill with one of my patients who now owes me a lot of money. I remembered seeing this from the patient’s point of view back when a friend owed her therapist a lot of money. Because he made it ok she kind of resented him for letting her rack up a huge tab, so to speak. Where lies the blame? With him not reminding her of her dept and not processing how it was growing etc. or with her not taking more responsibility?

Well I didn’t want to do that to my patient but I also didn’t want her to quit because of finances. So I told her my idea to freeze the bill at where it was at and put it aside for now. My suggestion was for her to bring cash every session and pay then so as not to get a big monthly bill and freeze the debt where it was, ie. take responsibility to pay every session and thus feel more empowered. I even offered her a further reduced fee by cutting g it down by ten dollars so she could afford to pay each session. I would not do this with a newer patient. As I know her a very long time and have seen her commitment to therapy it was still worth bit for me. Her fee was still the equivalent of more than my regular fee is for someone making more money…

Solution seems to be working thus far and the other day I got a check from someone else who had owed a bit since quitting therapy a long time ago. I’m still chasing after some bills..


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