Balance, A Short Post!

I interrupt my series of posts about the Pregnant Therapist for a short post on the topic of balance, which I struggle with constantly!

(Future posts include more on the Pregnant Therapist, the Devaluing of Art Therapy in our society and the importance of art making and self-expression for healing…)

Having two businesses that encompass a large part of one’s identity is not easy and sometimes one can be in opposition to the other. I’m talking about being an Artist and an Art Therapist. While I have little trouble making art regularly no matter what form it takes, I tend to be better at marketing, promoting and working on my art therapy business than doing the same for myself as a Professional Artist. I think it is usual for one’s main source of income to take over more than one’s other business if it is not a major source of income! I would love to have more of a balance even with that: ie. making more money regularly from my own art making. I do sell my art, but the sales tend to come in waves and are unpredictable and unreliable as a regular source of income.

As an Art Therapist, I need to keep up my identity as an Artist in order to be effective as a healer, especially an art therapist.

Like many art therapists who have a big body of art work, it is not so easy to get out there and get shows when you are easily diverted by other things in your life.

So I am challenging myself to work on Balance in terms of this double career, identity, passion…

Please Share Your Thoughts!

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