Trusting Yourself in The Art Making Process

It is a struggle, making art often and trusting the process. At times I do not realize that I am very lucky as I have stumbled on something that is a kind of blueprint and I can keep going on and on, making one thing after another in a series. Once I have figured out the rules to it, I can follow them and keep generating more work, all variations on a theme I’ve stumbled on that is fueling me. It can last several years.

Recently, for the first time in years, I reached a strange place in my work. Suddenly I was unsure about my current “blueprint”, and not finishing things I started, feeling a bit distanced and getting a little bored with what I was doing. Maybe some of it was due to the detour on vacation of making necklaces and getting obsessed with beading…

I got in an interesting place, and I’m still there, struggling with the process…

To be continued soon. As well as the Pregnant Therapist Series. I haven’t forgotten about that!


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