People’s Choice Award: Small Works Show

People’s Choice Award: Small Works Show

HI Everyone,

I am reposting this post exactly a week later! At this point, I am still in the running for this award. I am excited that I have now about 120 likes for my picture, however, the first place person right now has about 182 likes, so I still need around 70 or so more people to like the piece to ensure I can win by midnight, Dec. 5. Please help out if you want to:

I am asking people who happen to read this blog, follow it or randomly came across it, to help me with something. The link above will hopefully send you to the Facebook page for the 440 Gallery in Brooklyn. They are having a juried Small Works show opening next week, and they are giving a “People’s Choice” award to the person whose piece gets the most “like”s!

So please go to that link, which is in the title of this blog, make sure the piece has my name on it and “like” it. It feels a little strange how they’ve set this up in that you kind of have to be on Facebook to do this. There are many things I don’t like so much about their idea; it feels a little like high school, and seems like getting the award just means you are well connected on the internet and it does not have much to do with your actual art work in the show, but I will participate and try to get a lot of “like”s for the fun of it.

If you can help, thanks a lot.

Let me know in the comments section if the link worked or not. I will also post a photo of the image that is in the show.

Happy Monday!


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