Great Use of Dreamcatchers!

Great Use of Dreamcatchers!

My colleague and friend, Anastacia Kurylo, PhD, whose blog I’ve talked about on this blog ( and who has very kindly recently posted some of my posts as a guest blogger on that site, also has a website for her crafts for kids’ parties business, called the Crafty Kids.

She either makes craft kits for kids’ parties as a goody bag or goes to the party to do the craft with the kids. She is very inventive and will make crafts that go with the theme of the party if the child has a themed party!

Anyway, she did a very “art therapy” activity in a great way for the kids of the school in Newtown, CT. and with the help of volunteers put together about 626 kits for the kids who survived the recent awful events, as a way to do something non verbal and healing. This is the best thing I’ve heard about in terms of that awful traumatic event, besides the therapy dogs that came to interact with the parents who lost children…This kit is the Dreamcatcher kit that I got from her recently and used to make the one I posted on my Dreamcatcher as Ritual recent post on this blog. (link:

This link to that part of her website tells about putting these kits together for those children and shows how to make the dreamcatcher and mentions art therapy as well! In addition, she put a photo of my dreamcatcher on this page, as an example of how to embellish and basically in my words “go obsessive with a project.”! Check out the link and check out her website. New Yorkers looking for something fun to do at your child’s birthday party or who want a really great goody bag to give at their party, try out a Crafty Kids craft! They are all lots of fun for a variety of ages and unique, even fun for adults like me who love to do anything fun and different!!!


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