PS to Letting Go Post, Blogging

Blogging for me is all about letting go. Sharing thoughts, feelings, discoveries, new interests, new knowledge, but never hoarding it, rather using the blog format to pour it out into the world without too much editing, tweaking, getting tight with it. A blog is like a waterfall. The post falls out and maybe it’s not detailed enough, or maybe I hardly know anything about what I am reflecting on but I’m just thinking out loud and sending my thoughts out, letting go, trusting someone will receive it and maybe even dialogue with or reflect back on it.

This is why I think getting blocked about blogging makes no sense; the blog is formatted for you to not get stuck. even better if the perfectionistic person writes a post without checking for grammar or editing and just clicks on publish! you are letting go and flowing and the blog is the great container for that. It’s great that there is a linear process over time to blogging…

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