A Daily Habit, and the Wonders of “Model Magic”

In order to get over creative blocks, I usually recommend starting up a daily habit of doing something creative. You can choose a different modality if it’s too hard for example, to write something, if you’re a writer. Play your guitar 20 minutes or more every day, and make that your daily creative habit. For artists, pick a medium you are not currently trying to use again, or pick a medium you never use or even one you don’t like. Trying to paint with oils? Get some model magic and canvas boards big or tiny and play with the model magic and stick it on the canvas board. Model magic is a great thing invented by crayola, I really think their inventor had something great there. It’s like clay in that you shape it and manipulate it with your hands. One quality it has that can be frustrating is that it does not stay up without support. It’s great for making fun textures on a flat surface. It’s not messy like clay, so that appeals to lots of people. If you want to make a sculpture you need to find something as supports like toothpicks or sticks to wrap the model magic around to make legs, so if you want it to be part of your daily habit, I recommend starting by just playing with it like it is Silly Putty and then simply making textures and gluing them or sticking then on a surface.

If Model Magic does not appeal to you or you try it and want to do something different, or something you could do anywhere, including on your commute to work, I recommend getting some kind of sketchbook or notebook. I would look for something with a cover that appeals to you or if you get a plain one, have fun decorating the cover of it. Make sure it is small enough to put in your bag and carry it around with a pencil case or ziploc bag with markers, sharpies, pencils, any of these or a combination of them and make a daily mandala for example. Every day draw a circle and then fill it in. You can just color in the circle with a blue pencil and you’ve done your daily habit, or you can have fun doodling and making intricate patterns in it. Every day it can be completely different, but if it is small it won’t seem very daunting, so it may help with procrastination to just know that each day, you have made something new.

If circles/mandalas don’t appeal to you or get boring, you can do a scribble and then look in it for patterns, shapes, objects etc. and develop it into a drawing. If you like knitting, knit every day.

The object is to incorporate creativity into your life in a way that it will be easy to make it a daily habit in a good way, something fun to do even for five minutes. If it isn’t fun for you, you may want to try something different. Make sure it does not turn into a chore or “work”. Think of it as 5-10 minutes of play time.

You can do your daily creating any time of day, just try to do it daily. You don’t have to keep what you make. You can knit something and take it apart every day. Or you could sing for ten minutes, or put on music and dance.


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