My blog Featured in “The Communicated Stereotype”!

My blog Featured in “The Communicated Stereotype”!

Just wanted to announce that one of my blog posts was just featured in my colleague Anastacia Kurylo, PhD.’s great blog about diversity, multiculturalism and stereo tpying, “The Communicated Stereotype.”

I am happy to be included in this great blog that covers such an essential topic. It is everywhere. Just tonight Erin Burnett had a panel of people arguing about the new Barbie dolls that are supposed to feature different countries. The Mexico Barbie has a Chihuahua and the China Barbie has a panda. Is it a moment for education about other cultures or is it stereotyping on top of one of the biggest stereotypes ever marketed: the “Barbie” doll? Of course that could be the topic of a totally different blog post…

Anyway one of my multicultural rituals series posts, the one about different Easter rituals that I recently posted is featured on this blog. You can find it on the link above. It is also exciting to be featured on a blog that is outside of my field of therapy, art therapy, psychotherapy, healing, and in the field of Communications which has a lot of connections to our fields but is very different of course.


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