Thanks NEDA! Love your body!!!

Thanks NEDA! Love your body!!!

I found this on the NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association). I’ve already printed it out and given it to people, and not just people with eating disorders! We could all use some of these reminders. Your body is something to respect and admire. Think about all that it does. Reframe your mindset about what a body is. Our culture and media are consumed with the outside appearance of the body, especially size and shape. The body is so much more. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the outside appearance of your body. It is the harsh self judgments that are not good. Whatever you look like, celebrate your body. If you like bold colors and wild clothes, go for it. There is no size or shape of body for any particular style. I have always loved clothing and the self expression of putting together an outfit. I am lucky to be in a profession where my “crazy”, “out there”, “loud and kooky” style of dressing is accepted. I just bought a pair of Converse pink (very neon!) platform sneakers. To some they are tacky and loud and juvenile, but they make me smile, and I have given a few clients some laughs and smiles just wearing them to work! So if you like to decorate your body, go for it! Some days I wear black, but I like very statement jewelry, necklaces, earrings, fake tattoos, fun hats, etc. As a fun means of self expression, I really enjoy fashion and style. However, there is of course more to the body than the outside and how it is adorned or not.

As said in this helpful list of 20 ways to love your body, it is good to be grateful to your body for carrying you through your day. Thank your feet and legs for taking you where you need to go, if you are lucky enough to have them. Be grateful for your arms and hands and all the things you can do with them. Sometimes I remind myself that there are some people who have no hands and I am grateful that I have hands to use to create art, but also grateful that those who have no hands still find ways to create art and even paint. That is another amazing thing about the body. Whatever you have or lose, until you die, you still have a vessel, whether it is fully intact or not. The body is very mysterious and marvelous. I still marvel that inside my short self is a lot of intestine:

“The human intestine is ten times longer than the length of the body,… It’s minimum length is 507, its maximum length 1194 centimeters (17 to 35 feet);…”

Wow. That is some really crazy stuff to contemplate. There are so many things going on inside your body in this very moment!

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