Life is short, so the cliche goes. Part of the principles behind mindfulness as an approach to living more fully is that when you are truly focused on being mindful you start to awaken as though from a deep sleep. It is a shock to realize how much one can sleep through in life or be half asleep or sleepwalking through life.  The moment of revelation that you are suddenly “wide awake” is profound. 

A lot of meditation involves awakening the Mind or Wise Mind. If you just sit with yourself and breathe, you will notice your mind at work and how much it does and how hard it is to slow it down. Just because the mind is working does not mean it is being mindful. It is just a too full mind. As you meditate by noticing these thoughts and reactions and sensations you start to observe them and try not to judge them. even then you are already waking up to what is real right now…

More to come soon. 


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