Altered Book Workshop! That Stolen Half Hour We Did not Get.

Yesterday morning I finally did my Altered Books workshop at the Expressive Arts Therapy Summit in mid town NYC. I only had an hour and 20 minutes, so the time factor was the most challenging aspect of it.

Anyone reading this who went to the workshop, please email me and if you could send photos to use on this blog and my public Facebook page and Tribeca Healing Arts website.

The cleanup after the workshop was so quick that I think I did not get any of the email lists I had given out for participants to put their name and email, which was terrible as I really wanted to see the work people did. From what I saw the participants did a lot on their Altered Book while I was presenting about the topic and working with patients in art therapy on Altered Books.

EXTRA TIME: sorry and apology to the participants for the extra 20 minutes to half hour that we missed, which was when I really wanted to have people reflect on the process and fill out my questionnaire about it, break into groups of two and share their books with each other as well as their experience making it during the workshop. Then I was going to address the whole group and ask people who were willing to show their book and talk about the process, what inspired them, what new materials they enjoyed, etc.

I was happy that at the end of the workshop one participant had time to answer a question and show us how she took familiar materials and used them in a new way by gluing crayons and pencils to her book. She allowed me to photograph her book and what she did, so I will post those photos soon.

On the plus side, I think everyone got a good idea of what the whole process involves in terms of making an altered book, what the stages are, and what kinds of books patients make and how their book reflects the therapeutic process. I am grateful to the five patients who allowed me to bring their books in progress to show the group. As I told people, slides, photos don’t do altered books justice. You need to be able to hold the book to have a real and intimate experience with it. I also brought four of my own books made during the therapy with patients which I enjoyed sharing.

So that was my first workshop on Altered Books. (I have presented and done many other workshops but none on this topic.) I think my passion for the topic really helped me with presenting it. I just wish I had kept my eye on the clock to at least have had 15 minutes for people to share what they made. It also was funny that everyone made such a mess and I had 10 minutes to clean up before the next presenter, so of course I did not find the email lists in all the mess of getting stuff off the tables!

Next time I hope to have at least 2 hours and ideally 3 hours to really get into the process that goes on during the workshop… Always good to want more to present and process. Not sure when my next chance will be. I even entertained the thought of writing a book proposal about this whole topic as I don’t think there are books out there about art therapy, Altered Books and healing through that process…


2 thoughts on “Altered Book Workshop! That Stolen Half Hour We Did not Get.

  1. Natasha,
    The workshop was awesome. Yes it would have been great to have more time but I think it worked well. I will send some photos soon.


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