Altered Books in Art Therapy: Photos!!!

First I’m going to post photos of my own books, then later this week, I will post images of others’ work!

All of these photos are from the first book I altered to be an “Altered Book.” (Years ago I made something from a book but it was not an “Altered Book” as it was not still in the form of a book…
So I picked the book, The Artist’s Handbook, as it was inspiring to take apart a book full of rules about how to use art materials and completely transform it. The title turned into “Artist”. The photos below include the cover and the back of the cover, the book as it looks when it is standing on a table, sort of an accordion as I used a lot of 3D and thick materials in it. There are various pages shown with different ideas about altering a book, including a kind of window with two “shutters” and another window that is just a hole. You can see a large variety of materials used in the project… I started altering the book while facilitating my Supervision Group for Art Therapists, but a lot of it was made while working with different patients on their altered books. It is the only “adult” altered book that I have finished. I’m working on 3 others at the moment…















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