Polypharmacy and Bipolar Disorder

This is a very personal and interesting presentation of the lifelong conflict suffered by those with Bipolar Disorder: needing to take a “poly” med combination daily and having to de with other ramifications of taking a medication “cocktail” daily. The Catch 22- if you don’t take all these pills, you will get sick and have an episode; if you do follow your medication regimen, it may make you feel sick in other ways and damage your organs…

Manic Muses

How many meds do you use to treat your bipolar disorder?  And your co-morbid afflictions?  Personally, I get off easy and take only four.

In the treatment of bipolar disorder, polypharmacy (the use of multiple meds to treat a disease or disorder) is the norm.  And generally, bipolar I patients take more meds than their bipolar II brethren.  When I began treating the whole spectrum of the disease (instead of just the depressions), what made me angry was not having bipolar, but having to swallow handfuls of pills several times a day for the rest of my life.

Did you know that prescribing multiple meds for the treatment of bipolar disorder is not an evidence-based practice? And in a recent study of 230 patients who took four or more psychotropic meds, 36% of them were taking medications that affected their behavior and mental state.  A few other studies go…

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