How to create a self-harm safety box…

I found this great post a while ago from this wonderful blog, and I have been meaning to repost it here for a while, as I am making a lot of boxes with people lately, mostly “affirmation” boxes, which could be considered “safe space”, as well as boxes that are more directly like the one in this post, boxes to have at your workplace when you need to feel calmer, or have a quick escape, more like “5 senses” boxes. All these kinds of boxes are great, and as an art therapist, I always welcome new ideas for decorating and using boxes in a healing manner…

All that I am, all that I ever was...

Once upon a time, when I was much a much younger (and sexier) man than I am today, I used to own a box. On a purely aesthetic level, there was nothing special about this box. It was just a run-of-the-mill shoebox decorated with Doctor Who stickers, newspaper cuttings and images of the great Australian actress, Toni Pearen.

What was special about this box was on the inside, for I’d filled it with colouring pencils, rubber bands, bath salts, candy, a mini-colouring book, a couple of novels, a DVD and some (slightly more) risqué images of the great Australian actress, Toni Pearen.

For this box was my safety box; a box I could turn to when my self-harm urges grew so intense that I needed some serious distraction to stop me from injuring myself.

Over the years I owned this box I lost track of how many times it prevented…

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