Why Real Women Can’t Work (and shouldn’t shop) at Victoria’s Secret

Wow. I had no idea people could still discriminate like this. It’s really terrible. Boycott Victorias Secret!


I was up in the middle of the night last night and what do I do? Well of course I turn to Facebook. Checking my notifications took me to my treatments center’s alumni group and to Anna’s post about her new job at Victoria’s Secret’s. Instead of being elated about her new job (like she was just days before) Anna shared with the group that she had been fired. Not for incompetence or not following the rules or anything like that. No. Because she weighed too much. .

Let that sink in. Anna was fired because a Victoria’s Secret manager decided she weighed too much for their companies “image”. She was told to perhaps reapply when she “lost ten pounds”.  UM WHAT THE  !!)(@#U)@

My first reaction involved several swear words as did most of the girl’s reactions in my alumni group. The other immediate question was “is this legal?”…

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