Why I Like the Term “Borderline”

This is a great post that can help people understand how diagnosis is useful and therapists need to understand how it feels to finally feel like your pain is understood and explained and that people with Borderline Personality Disorder have a double fight; the fight to educate people who don’t know much about BPD so they can understand it is an illness just like any other and that behaviors do not define a person, especially before they get diagnosed properly. The other part of the fight is to get doctors and therapists to be more educated about BPD and if they work with patients with this illness, they need to be open, not avoid the term Borderline and be in touch with their own inner “Borderline”. I may not have this disorder but I know what it’s like to be extremely emotionally sensitive, to feel abandoned and paranoid and angry and confused, to feel out of control, even to have self destructive urges and fantasies. I also know that DBT, one of the most successful treatments for BPD, is something I practice in myself constantly and it is not easy. Practicing mindfulness most of the time involves a lot if acceptance of not being any good at being mindful. I will share that I had a great DBT workbook I bought to practice the skills myself and with all my patients. Recently I lost the book in a mindless moment. Then I ordered a new different DBT book, but I didn’t do it mindfully or carefully and ended up ordering two copies, probably a “slip” that meant I need two of the same DBT books to really get any good at DBT!


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