Distress Tolerance: The Dialectic

A great description of the “Dialectical” of DBT Therapy:

Beauty and the Borderline

Before I launch into a special category of Distress Tolerance skills (the “Dialectical” skills, I call them)  I want to say (er, write) a few words about the dialectic, which is one of the key concepts behind DBT — so key, in fact, that “Dialectical” is the first word of DBT.

Walking on the SidewalkThe “dialectic” is a word with a lot — and I mean A LOT — of baggage.  Philosophers throughout recorded history have written ridiculous amounts about it, discussing this and that about different types of dialectic, blah blah blah.  (Sadly — I write with a smile — this sort of high-falutin’ discussion is what turns ME on, but I know most people would switch off once I started going on about how fascinating it all is, so I’ll stick to what’s pertinent to us.)  Essentially, the dialectic is, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “a method of examining and discussing…

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