Back to the Concept of the Selfie and What it Means for Art Therapy and Psychology…

In my first post on the selfie, I had grand ambitions to write on a number of different aspects of the selfie. Here was my list of topics, not in any particular order:

1. The selfie and art therapy: is there anything going on in art therapy connected directly to the making of selfies?
2. The how to and what not to do: finding lots of links about making great selfies versus bad boring ones and sites that like to show the different categtories of bad selfies vs good ones.
3. the celebrity selfie and its effects on non celebrity selfies.
4. Selfies and Social Media: what it means to “post” a selfie after taking the photo. new variations include the “belfie” as body parts can depict self portraits.
3. Creative uses of the selfie: what are some selfies that go beyond casual and become “Art”? how do you think outside the box of the selfie!
4. Woman and selfies: the male gaze versus the female gazing at herself. Selfies for self-esteem…
5. The new pathologies associated with taking selfies to an extreme. As with anything, if you become addicted to making selfies, you will of course get sick, just like people addicted to the internet or social media or gambling. Too much of anything and your system is way out of balance.
6. Selfies and psychosis: while we are at it, besides ocd and addiction, are people incorporating selfies into their psychotic episodes?

A long time ago, I actually did find an article about a man who got so addicted and obsessed with taking selfies that he decompensated (became very unstable). I am interested to see if I can find this article and whether there were further reports on him or anyone else having brought the selfie to the level of pathology…

I finally found the article, which I remembered was about a British man, a selfie addict with body dysmorphic disorder which definitely got triggered or worsened by his taking selfies all day long. He stopped functioning and tried to kill himself. Here is the link to the article:


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