This Blog’s Title and Focus Has Changed As of Right Now!

My url, internet address for my blog is the same.

However, BIG NEWS! As part of my revamping and rebirthing and rebranding my Public Selves in all Corners of the Internet, I have decided to change the Title of this blog and the sort of subtitle that comes up when you see the blog and indicates the focus.

Musings of an Art Therapist/Artist: This New Name of the Blog has changed to a more personal and inclusive one, that is, a blog that will include my Artist (my Artist Self, my Artist Identity, issues and topics around my career as a Professional Visual Artist and struggles that others can identify with of course) as well as my Art Therapist/Psychotherapist and Reiki Practitioner Self. So I am calling it: Musings of an Art Therapist/Artist. It’s more of an autobiographical kind of title, more personal, still professional as it focuses still on all the topics of these TWO professions, maybe more self-centered, maybe more aproachable than before when it was more generalized. Is this branding? Maybe, but it’s 2014, and I’m changing my marketing style and my, well, I guess, my “brand”. I still have the same kookie stylist that dresses me in neon green plaid pants for work (me), and the same disorganized receptionist and assistant (another part of me), but I’ve fired my Internet Specialist Marketer and replaced her with a more creative one (some part of me I seem to be accessing by spending more time on the internet and thinking and talking about business, self promotion and marketing).

The subtitle or focus underneath the title that I thought about when I began this blog and it made sense to just call it “art therapy and related topics”, as that was my focus and allowed me a broad range of topics to blog about. Scratch that now that the blog is renewing itself and I have: “Balancing the Artist and Art Therapist Identity”.

For now, the visuals will remain the same.

What does this mean for my old art therapy blog? It means I realized my art studio office is a blend of my being an artist and being an art therapist, so it’s high time that be reflected in my blog, so now, when I post photos of my work in progress and announcements about exhibitions I am in, I will not feel like I am promoting myself as an artist on my art therapy blog because it’s all mixed together anyway; I will be posting the same words and photos in service of promoting my art and myself as an artist, without the danger of people thinking that I am self promoting on my blog that is primarily about art therapy, not that my readers seem to mind, but the whole thing is now more “ego-syntonic”, and I feel it is an important step towards the promotion of art therapy as a field that professional artists go into but do not stop being professional artists, and also that at the base of being an art therapist is one’s own personal art making process, product, and promotion!

So, welcome to the new me, and the new other mes, there are a lot of them but they feel more integrated now…


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