Altered Books and Mixed Media!

For My Altered Book Workshop on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014:

Musings of a Creative Spirit

This will introduce how varied altered books can be depending on choices of media, both conventional and unconventional. The form lends itself to mixed media, but some choose to use one media only…

Supplies and Materials for Altered Books:

Choices of Books:
First Important Part of Choice:
Kind of book, first choice between “Adult” books and “Children’s books
Adult Books: Hardcover is Best:
Choice of books with only words, books with words and pictures, books with only or mostly photos or pictures; Books with only writing in them…
Examples: Non-Fiction: recipe and how to DIY type books, Classification books such as dictionaries and books about birds or some other species, word origin books, non fiction, books about art supplies and art making, photography, crafts, art, artists, graphic novels
Anatomy and related type books,
Fiction of all kinds
(Notice the texture and thickness of the pages; each kind presents different challenges)

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