Don’t just visit the dollar store make it a habit

I love Dollar Stores! I get lots of cool art supplies at this one upstate where everything in the store is a dollar. I discovered packages of fine glitter in every color there, and all kinds of other exciting things!!!

Smart Discount Shop


The most efficient way to eliminate major debit is to watch what you spend. Purchasing items at the Dollar Store eliminates cost. Social class does not matter in the Dollar Store because even wealthy understand the benefits to this phenomenon. At any Dollar Store individuals can find everyday items at or close to $1.00. Dollar Stores are able to keep their prices low because many of their items are substandard. As a result, careful shopping will provide benefits most customers don’t see. Purchase storage containers that are BPA-free, craft, and holiday items are usually great deals. This includes frames, poster boards, glue, pipe cleaners, crayons, wrapping paper, poster boards, markers, etc. Shopping online is actually a benefit because shoppers can see whats available at a Dollar Store, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, etc. One can find weekly specials and coupons on their websites. If the customer provides their phone…

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2 thoughts on “Don’t just visit the dollar store make it a habit

  1. I do make trips to Family Dollar and Dollar General to buy a few things here and there but most things are what I would consider regular price. It could be because there’s hardly anything in my little town so they’ve turned them more mainstream offering regular household items.


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