Daily Prompt: The Waiting Room of Life: With Photos

As I am taking the WordPress “Blogging 101” class to improve this blog and my blogging skills, I am trying out their daily prompt. I picked this one from Nov. 16, as it is very timely.

The Daily Prompt is:Waiting Room “Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

Lately, in sessions with patients, this topic comes up a lot, during transitions such as moving to a new neighborhood, job searches, a long paper, thesis or dissertation, other career issues and relationship issues, even waiting for a psychiatrist appointment.

WhenI usually bring up Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”, because my favorite page is his interpretation of the “Waiting Room” of Life, and you see the people waiting and his text includes “waiting for their hair to grow”.

I found a link to the exact page spread from the book!:

Everyone is just waiting for serious stuff like a Better Break, or for material things. My favorite is about the hair, as I have experienced that in the past few years. I like changing my hair a lot, and I decided to grow it long. As I have no interest in extensions, I felt like I was in that waiting room, waiting for my hair to grow. At several points in that process, I felt urges to cut all my hair into a short hair cut, and it was hard not to run to a barber and do it, very tempting, every time I saw some actress with a “Pixie” Haircut I missed having that hair cut from for me the late nineties into 2000. But I stayed put in that waiting room and my hair eventually grew to the point where I needed to trim it. then there was the urge to change it up, but I haven’t acted on it.

the other funny thing is I have never had a “waiting room” in my private practice which most therapists of all kinds tend to have. Even now in my relatively new studio, I have two rooms and could have made the first one a waiting room, but I chose instead to use both rooms for art making and art therapy and therapy. So the waiting room in my practice where patients may bump into each other is the hallway, elevator or bathroom…

Right now, I am waiting for a bunch of things alongside several patients waiting for their particular things. I started a graphic novel in the year 2000 and it is waiting patiently for me to get back to it and eventually finish it. At this point, the new pages I did last year are in some box in my apartment but I have no idea which one, so I hid the project from myself! Now I”m waiting for those pages to show up somewhere. I find that misplacing things at my house or studio involves waiting for them to suddenly appear. Whenever I am looking for something, I usually find something else I forgot…

In sessions with people who are in that waiting room, they are acompanied by me as their therapist, waiting with them, and we explore what it is like to sit with the not knowing, non clarity, no answers, no doing aspect of the waiting, which usually is what is most uncomfortable for people. Meditation in action or sitting meditation or yoga are good for this too as you notice what is going on with your breathing. Are you waiting for your next breath? Are you waiting to end the meditation if you set an amount of time?

The sentence “Wait and See” has been difficult for me throughout my life, as I am the impulsive type; I make decisions quickly and don’t like prolonging the pros and cons list or even making this list, which has gotten me into trouble, so I am working on sitting with things more and not reacting so much. “Act, don’t react” the Yogi teabag told me just this morning.

The altered book project is an interesting aspect of this waiting as I have 16 projects in various states and stages, and I’ve been fine with working on different ones and not having an urge to finish any…
These are photos of the two rooms in my studio office. (I didn’t clean up to take the photos.)




5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Waiting Room of Life: With Photos

  1. Did you ever see Adam Sandler’s Click? Your post made me think of that movie. Unwilling to wait, he used a magic remote to fast-forward through life to get to the good parts, only to find he had missed living.

    Very thought-provoking. (Plus it had Christopher Walken, so that’s a winner, right there!)


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