Blogging 101, Day 6, Post to Your Dream Reader: New Art Therapy Project! Zig Zag Books

My dream reader is I guess, someone who is interested in all different kinds of art, loves art materials, and wants to try out things that I post because they look like so much fun!

So, thanks to Helen Ellis, whose art therapy blog I follow, I came across a super great art project, and art therapy project, and gave it a test run yesterday and continued it today! I did it with a total of 8 individual sessions and my weekly group!

Here is the link to her original post about Zig Zag Books:

Zigzag books

There is something very appealing about this project because it is an automatic art object similar to a triptych but it’s a double triptych with six panels or a quadruplet with four panels. It makes a great gift and doesn’t need to be framed. It’s like making a card but on a higher level of aesthetics, and has the appealing back and forth of the zig zag…it’s easy to make; I did it half with people who don’t always want to do art in the session and half with art enthusiasts. 3 people chose to make a painting out of it and the rest chose mixed media, especially collage with decorative paper and duck tape as well as other embellishments…

It’s a pretty simple project that you can have lots of fun with using multi-media. I test drove it yesterday The photos I posted are,
Close up of the first time I tried this project, with a relatively new patient. Luckily I couln’t find her project from last week, so she was fine with trying out a zig zag book. She was attracted to my duck tape of all colors, patterns etc. so she used duck tape to do her first “frame” and I used duck tape and glue gun color to embellish mine. The first three photos are of the one I made during our session.

The group really enjoyed it and I made the purple and gold one with them. The bronze and gold glitter paper is one of the ones I did alongside a patient, and the gold and silver panels with the beads is a patient piece. During that session I made the silver and black one during which I discovered I could cut the top with fancy scissors.

The one with duck tape and the PopUp owl was made by a patient as well. I have a few more to post in the next post! Let me know if you try this out!
















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