5 Foolish Questions That People Ask Africans

This is a great post, and compliments the series I have been doing on cultural awareness!


Oh the stupidity that we Africans have to hear sometimes! Sorry to have to be frank here but it’s true. Take it from someone who has lived her life in different countries and met all sorts of people throughout her voyages. A lot of individuals have some really backwards thoughts about Africans. From how we live to how we act. I don’t know if it’s innocent ignorance or actual stupidity but either way, here are 5 foolish questions that we Africans hear all the time:

#1: “Aren’t Africans Poor?”

Not all of us.

Yes, there are certain countries and regions that suffer from more poverty than others. However, to generalize that Africans are poor is just not fair. Now according to OurAfrica.org, 40% of people living on the African continent are living in absolute poverty which is a huge number considering that the population is at approximately 1.1 billion…

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