Your art makes me feel human

On Monday, one of my patients after our session was looking at this shelf of a lot of my altered book projects and spontaneously said, “I love your art work because it makes me feel human and alive.” Then she made a comment of how looking at it reminds her she doesn’t have to be perfect and that being perfect is not what’s important…

As an artist and a human, I have to say that although I’ve heard people say similar things to what she said, what she said really sunk in and I thanked her for it because it was a very valuable gift. “I could die happy.” as they say. Hearing those words from her reminded me of what makes me want to make stuff all the time in the first place. It helps me stay and be alive and now I know that others feel how she does, and that she feels that way. It was worth a million times more than a big show on 23rd Street in Chelsea, which every artist wants, but really, this is it. To feel that your own idea of what makes your life meaningful and purposeful, not including family and friends, that it is really resonating with others in the best way possible, there is no other feeling like that.

In my recent post, I talked about being authentic, and her comments reminded me that my art is always real and authentic and comes from a very  “unstruck” place inside of me. At a recent chakra, yoga and art workshop the leader reminded us that the word for the heart chakra, “Anahata”, means “unstuck”, that we all have it there and that no matter what you have been through in life, there is a tiny or maybe big place inside you that is Anahata. I think my patient with her words quoted above saw that part in my art reflecting back to her her own humanity and Anahata…







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