Facebook 3 in 5 Day Art Challenge!

(The quality of the photos posted here is terrible, and they are not in the order I tried to upload them, but anyway…)

There’s an Art Challenge going around Facebook, post 3 images a day of your art work; start with older work and move towards current/recent work. Today is day 2 for me. I posted the colorful shapes pieces first from around 2004 and then today 3 images done between 2007 and 2008. You can see that the two are completely different series with very little in common. The first ones are a mural done in colorful acrylic paint and two little oil on canvas pieces from a series I called “Concordia”.

The second three images are from my Inner Landscape Series; I think I called these ones Phase 3; I started using collage and mixed media and piecing together paper to make very long pieces. I was inspired by a Martin Ramirez exhibition at the American Museum of Folk Art. I was excited about how he used pieces of big brown paper and glued them together to create a bigger surface and make very long pieces…








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