The Patriots should be disqualified from the Super Bowl

Totally agree with the Headline. Why do criminals who committed crimes do time? The Patriots cheated, if that’s true for sure, they should be banned from the Superbowl. I don’t care that the Colts lost by so much. The writer is right about the placebo effect of knowing you are cheating and who cheats for no reason; people who cheat assume they will have a big edge on winning. Nail the whole team and the coaches. The NFL owes it to all the children out there who will know that such actions have consequences and somewhere sometimes humans are fair and justice is real!

For The Win

Cheat on a test in school? You fail, no questions asked.

Cheat on your taxes, the IRS will find you. It won’t be pretty.

Cheat on a World Cup bid and, well, you probably get awarded that World Cup, but that’s neither here nor there.

The New England Patriots cheated in the AFC championship. As such, the team should be disqualified from the Super Bowl.

(AP) (AP)

Deflating 11 of 12 balls in Sunday’s game, as has been reported by ESPN, is a major violation and something that had a great effect on the game. Given the number of deflated balls, it’s almost impossible this was accident, meaning that someone in the New England organization willfully tampered with the rules to give his team an advantage. That’s cheating.

The penalty should be simple: Ban ’em.

(AP) (AP)

Of course, it’s not realistic to disqualify New England from the Super Bowl. What’s…

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