New 12 Week Wednesday Workshop: “Be With Yourself”

I am starting a new Wednesday Workshop Series, entitled: Wednesday Workshop: “Be With Yourself”, an art therapy and mindfulness focused 12 Week Series. Mindfulness type groups have been proven to help people with healing and with feeling more awakened and in touch with themselves and the world, and more connected to their body.

The workshop will take place weekly at my studio and last about 1.5 hours on , probably from 10:30-12 pm or 11-12:30 pm, depending on members’ availability.

This mindfulness and art therapy “lab” will be structured and focused on being with yourself in the here and now. We will do mindfulness exercises, including body scan meditations and other experiences with silence using art supplies. There will be a longer time for the main art making component, and we will end with members sharing their art and their experiences during the process.

This is not a “group therapy”. It is meant for people interested in being with others while experiencing being with themselves and working on experiencing sensations and feelings during moment to moment awareness. The discussions in the group will focus around sharing what “happened” inside of your body, what it was like to make the art, and being in the here and now.

This workshop would be good for any of your patients who are in recovery from eating disorders and other issues such as depression or anxiety, OCD, etc. as it does not focus on talking about symptoms and conflicts with others, but on being in your body and becoming more awakened and aware of who you really are in a supportive atmosphere. Thus, it will be psycho educational, structured and strengths based, with focus on learning to use mindfulness in every day life. This workshop can benefit anyone 18 or older, with a curiosity and interest in these topics, whether they are recovering from something and in therapy or not.

The workshop will be a 12 week cycle, with option of continuing another cycle when the first one is over. Candidates who contact me will have a free 20 minute interview at my studio to meet me and discuss their interest in it to see if it is appropriate for them.

Please have any referrals call or email me directly.
Natasha Shapiro, ATR-BC, LCAT
917 374-7082


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