Roald Dahl’s Heartbreaking Letter About Vaccination

This is important. I know it’s controversial. The main thing I felt was shocked and heartbroken that the man who wrote so many incredible beautiful stories for children lost his little girl when she was 7. Such a horrible tragedy. He is one of my favorite authors. I cannot imagine how much the rest of his life was full of suffering as I know you cannot get over such a loss. He is right and I wish his daughter had been able to be vaccinated….

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Roald Dahl wrote James and The Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Matilda. He’s one of the greatest children’s authors the world has ever known.

But the following letter he wrote in 1988 is perhaps the most poignant copy he’s ever written. In it, he describes how his daughter died from the measles many years before (h/t to Vox):

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