Love Yourself

Great poem about acceptance and self-acceptance…

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Love Yourself is one of three winning poetry submissions for last month’s poetry party: How Do I Love Thee?  It was submitted by People, Things and Life blogger Blair.

Love Yourself

What they say isn’t true.
You don’t need to love yourself
Before someone can love you.

               All the things about you that you hate
                           Your quirks, your fears,
                           Your hair, or your ears
                              Someone will love
                           And find really great.

                    Sometimes it takes acceptance
                              from someone else
                             To accept our flaws
                              And love our self.

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2 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. Hi Natasha and readers, this is Memee.

    Natasha, thank you for the reblog… but it is not authored by me. I have monthly poetry contests and this poem was submitted for February’s contest How Do I Love Thee? It was one of 3 vote winners, which is how it came to be published on my website.

    Can you please credit Blair with her original writing and change the view original link to go to her blog. Here is that link for her: People, Things and Life. I know she’d appreciate the views and the nice comments. I love that you’ve reblogged this onto a therapeutical blog. I am sure Blair will feel honored by that!

    Now, in regard to me, I invite you and your readers to visit my own blog, of course, but perhaps some of you would like to join in what I refer to as Poetry Parties.

    For more information about these poetry parties they can go to: Memee’s Poetry Parties or #memeespoetryparties on twitter, my handle is @MemeesMusings.

    Thanks so much for continuting to follow my journey Natasha, and forwarding Blair’s message of loving yourself on to your circle of readers.

    &#9728: Memee


  2. Hey, LOL, I just noticed that you do have a link for her. So if it is difficult or hard to do, don’t worry about it. Hopefully, people will travel to her site from the People Things and Life link at the top rather than the View Original. As that is the entire poem viewing. She writes a lot of poetry. So that’s where they can find more of her work.


    Memee 🙂 Have a great day!


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