An App for Therapy? First Ever, and I am on It: Everbliss

There’s an app for that… How many times have you heard peoples say it.

An app for therapy and counseling? I actually thought of it and wondered about it before this new first ever Therapy App contacted me. Of course I wanted to be on it. I love finding the new trends in psychotherapy and evaluating them and getting on board right away because I really believe that therapy can be done through many means on the internet, especially Skype and VideoCalls as well as phone. To have an app on your phone and quickly schedule a convenient session — Brilliant.

It’s called Everbliss and it’s easy to use. To find out more about the therapists, I recommend looking them up and finding other profiles and seeing the therapist’s website and/or blog.

So I’m excited to be part of this new app and excited to try it out with new people. Change can be hard at times, but this is one new change of 2015 I am totally embracing!

I will write more about what it’s like to be on the app, without talking about anything confidential of course, just from the therapist’s point of view.

For therapists, it’s easy to put down your availability. And you can just say you are on right now if you are suddenly available. It’s great for when you get last minute cancellations and have some time to work on your schedule.

Also, this app allows for both short term quick therapy and long term relationships. For people who travel a lot this will be great. For now it’s only in NY state and California. Have a free conference room during a break at your job? You can have a session easily without having to wait until you’re home. Don’t like commuting to therapy? this app is for you too…

We will see what the future holds, and where this leads. I think it’s a great idea and will be a fascinating experiment in terms of using the internet and apps for relationships like the therapeutic relationship…


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