The Sketchbook Project 2015!













The Sketchbook Project is a digital library of sketchbooks and a travelling show which anybody can participate in. Everyone gets the same sketchbook and fills it in the way they please. This is the second year I am participating and they extended the deadline to March 31, so I just sent mine in today.

Last year my sketchbook was about collage and mosaics and dedicated to someone special whom I lost; there was a long process of reworking and altering that sketchbook. It got so worked on that it came apart and I had to put it back together and cover each page of tiny paper and tape pieces with clear packing tape so the pieces wouldn’t fall off This year I had a similar process in that I kept altering sing and layering. I painted over the initial drawings, which had shapes squares rev tackled circles from stencils. I scribbled on the pages and used colored glue gun to make scribbles. Then I tore off the glue gun parts and started cutting pieces from my journal from my series with words in the middle of lines. At one point I lost the sketchbook for over a week and had no idea where it was! By then I had gotten sick of it and must have needed a break. I finally found it and worked more in it. Most recently I added more color with yarn and more materials. As I did last year I had to trim the pages, which were sticking out of the book. And eventually the cover came off and I had to stick it back on mainly with dick tape. The process was almost as torturous as last year but not as emotional. Here are photos I took today before sending it in. What a relief to be done with it! Next year I want to be very minimal and mostly use pencil and drawing and try altering it very minimally, maybe eve. Keeping the original pages intact. Of course once I have it I may give in to my tendency to layer and cover and alter..



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