Q&A with our Fans #2

Art Materials: I love them all and I am obsessed with pens! I’m a big Retro 51 collector, but I don’t have a huge collection. This person does!

The Retro 51 Blog

This is the second question and answer blog post with some of our fans. We met Deb through a Facebook contest. She won a contest and in talking with her we found out she was a serious Retro collector!

Name: Deb Hays

How many Retro pens and product do you own:
I’m not sure — but over two hundred pens


Which Retro was your first one? Was it a gift or purchase for yourself?
I honestly don’t remember which one I got first, although I’m pretty sure it was a Tornado, probably one of the lacquers.  I bought it for myself.

What characteristic about our products are you drawn to?
The pens are a superior quality for a very reasonable price.

Do you have a favorite or a top five favorites?
Not in any particular order:
1. Swish – I bought the “Swish” for myself and my son to add…

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