Idea: Business Proposal for “Color Yourself Happy”

This is seriously the kind of business I would quit my private practice to own while continuing to be an “artist in residence” at my own bar! Why not dream big to spread a little color and glitter to this sometimes grey world!

What: Color Yourself Happy will be a kind of “bar” atmosphere where people over 18 come and can purchase coloring pages and pens/pencils and materials of their choice to sit at the bar or in the lounge area and color.  It will have a cozy feel to it with tables, booths and a bar with stools. Non alcoholic beverages and limited healthy snacks available for it to feel more like a “social” creative atmosphere. You have the option of bringing in your own materials, but there is a fee for spending time in this very creative comfortable atmosphere. Doodling and large communal coloring murals also an option. There’s a coloring menu!

Why: A lot of adults like to color in beautiful mandalas and other types of designs, such as in the very popular “Secret Garden” coloring book, by Johanna Basford, sold over a million copies. 

Many people who choose to fill themselves with drugs, food, alcohol, sex, unhealthy relationships, etc. could come here to do something that is soothing and feels good but feels better for your health. We fill the empty hole with extremes, sometimes even exercise. Now when you’re lonely about to go buy a bottle of wine or whatever filler, you pass by the coloring bar and can go in there and spend an hour or more coloring and even meet other people. Depressed and isolating yourself? Instead of drinking or doing drugs alone or after or before indulging, come here and sit alone coloring among other people. They will leave you alone if you want, but you get to leave your house and add color to your dark sad daily life.

You can’t overdose on coloring. It’s cheaper than other forms of coping; it’s a healthy habit and it feels like you’re going to a cool neighborhood bar. Drop by after a 12 step meeting to relax. Stop by after work to have some healthy time to yourself. Stop by before or after partying. No judgments about what you do outside of here!

When: when you feel desperate, when you feel fine and want to have fun, when you’ve been out and still want to stay out or to get out of your house. The bar opens around 3pm in the afternoons and is open until 3am (maybe?) and more on weekends. Weekends will have a 1-5pm children and families allowed time. Rest of the time only adults.

Who: It’s for anyone, unless you’re too drunk or dangerous to come in. Otherwise all who can pay are welcome. Prices range from 10$ up, depending on what you order. Who works there? The owner is me, an art therapist and artist. I will hire artists, art therapists, art students and art therapy students. There will be an option for those who want to go to a private booth, not for a lap dance, but for an informal art therapy session in private with an art therapist or an art therapist in training. Sessions 20 minutes, half hour, or 50 minutes. Range of prices. 

But mostly it’s a coloring bar. There will be some music, perhaps live but always quiet, allowing for people to converse. 

There will also be a private room for parties and celebrations. You can have an adult birthday party, a baby shower; parties have options for bringing your own food and beverages. All art and coloring materials supplied. Parties will have options for other materials like painting and collage.

The bar will also have materials for doodling and making your own art as well as ways to collect your pages and make your own book for a fee if you come often and want to.

I would also have rotating art on the walls by unknow artists and people who work there as well as patrons!

Would you come here this evening? What would make you want to try it out? What would you want to do in here? Would you be alone or with others?

Where: downtown NYC somewhere!


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