Assignment One: Set Three Goals for the Blog

This is the part of the class I enjoy most as it involves thinking, writing, drawing more than widgets, blog appearance, editing. I want to share my goals for this blog as part of this blog’s identity, which involves process and showing my process, more for the sake of engaging in a feeling of excitement and play than anything else. With that in mind, my first goal is:

1.) How do I keep some of that stye of blogging while being better at reimagining the whole blog as a Whole and a Presentation to the World (of Bloggers and some others…)? It’s a goal about Balance, which nicely fits into my blog theme and goal about balancing the artist and art therapist identity. It’s a similar type of balance: as an artists I personally do not edit myself that much, I engage in process, though I have the product and sell and show it. Bring that free spirit into the art therapy room involves then using it only when it is useful as an energy and focusing and using this energy with clear intentions and letting go of agendas for the session, the patient or even me as a therapist…

My old style of blogging would involve me getting excited about having articulated that bit about the main topic of Balancing artist and art therapist and might even change lanes and make the rest of the post about that more than general goals. I’d publish it quickly and remember it for future revisiting.

Given the choice I just outlined, I will go with the “Stay on Topic” even though it’s against my nature to organize thoughts and anything else in a typical way.

The writing process actually makes blogging like this difficult, as I find topics and interesting ideas as I go and enjoy these so-called distraction, as it isn’t a distraction because it’s part of process for me.

Anyway, it’s show AND tell time.

Two other goals that go with this idea of balancing creativity and process in blogging with product presentation:

2. Through use of mindfulness and paying attention, I want to stop, look and notice all the things I don’t pay attention to naturally when blogging and see how it is to learn more about a lot of aspects of the process. There’s tons there to discover as I ignored a lot of stuff in my enthusiasm and former blogging approach… The great thing about choosing what to focus on is that there are a lot of interesting exciting things out there to discover!

3. Think more about the idea of “success” for me in the blogging world and what blogging means to me, why I spend time doing it. This goal is connected to the audience for this blog and my looking at the blog as a visitor. It involves looking at other people’s blogs not just for content but for the whole, connecting more with the people following my blog, again, it involves noticing more what I chose to spend less time on and now am going to spend some time doing…

Please Share Your Thoughts!

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