Blogging 201: Day 2’s Task: Audit Your Blog


Day 2 was basically about the Appearance of your blog, and learning to both look at and look beyond the obvious, which would be the Title of the Blog and your theme. To start with, I changed the title, and true to me-ness, I can’t remember what the previous title was! This is the third time I’ve changed the title. The big one was the second time during another class, I realized that the Title was too Impersonal and not Creative enough for who I am and what the blog is about.

Anyway the new title is “Musings of a Creative Spirit: Balancing the Artist and Art Therapist Self” which reflects what I and this blog are about: creativity most of all, then the creative process and what it is like to blend being a professional visual artist as well as a Licensed Art Therapist. Which reminds me I haven’t posted recently directly about balancing the two…

I changed the theme to a new theme, what you see now, which I found after trying a bunch of others. So the header and background color are both new. The header reflects what I am making now, and the background color kind of goes with the header image and the idea of being a fun process oriented blog.

So I am excited that I revamped the basic things about the blog, which are very important. I also learned a lot about using the program PicMonkey which I never tried before, and in that process, realized that I can use it for a lot of things related to this blog to up the image amount and image fun on the blog.

In doing Day 2, I also realized that I have another big important goal I may not have mentioned in Day 1’s post (I forgot the goals in that and will have to look at it again!): which is to make the blog more images and balance the image oriented posts (posts about my art or process, like the most recent post of the t-shirt) with the test oriented posts like this one. This is what’s so great about taking a Blogging Class.

What’s not so great is my frustration tolerance. I tried to create my own image for a Twitter Widget and could not upload it and managed to erase my old one, so that means for now you can’t click on a twitter thing to go follow me on Twitter…

Whoops! Look and Learn! So my Twitter widget is on the blog at the bottom and gigantic; something to fix…

I also learned from looking at blogs of classmates, a big part of the class. Specifically from the blog site:

I just realized it’s hard to figure out the bloggers name easily as I don’t know her name. Anyway I saw how she highlights her Blogging 201 Task posts with an image and the Day and Class, which I am copying and making my “Featured Image”…

Ok. The featured image is not showing up!

Let me know what you think of any of these things, especially should the text on the image above be another color!


4 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Day 2’s Task: Audit Your Blog

  1. Hello Natasha,
    I just thought I’d let you know that when I looked at my stats today, someone had clicked through from the link of my blog you added here. It made my day! thank you so much, and thanks for the kind words you wrote about the design. To be honest, it came about by accident as I thought the post would be very dull with out a picture, so I just added one that described what the day / task was about. Thanks again!


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