Creativity: How and Where to Find It!

First check out purple “poster”, then read! Creativity is about living creatively all the time as much as possible and in any form!!!

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Benn’s note: I was so pleased to receive this blog by email recently that I felt I had to share it! James at has crafted a really excellent blog post on the topic which I’ve reblogged below.

What John Cleese, Stephen King, Paul Simon and Anthony Trollope Can Teach You About Creativity

Anthony Trollope was one of the world’s most creative writers.

In the 1800’s he regularly released novels over 700 pages in length, multiple times a year, and wrote whole series so long in length that Lord of the Rings looks like a short story.

And, he did all of this while working a full time job for the British Postal Service.

According to Stephen King in his book On Writing, he was able to stay so creative for one simple reason – his process:

“He wrote for two and a half hours before work. This schedule was…

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