Mental disorder identity comic

This is so important! Many people find their diagnosis to have really helped them to understand their illness and respect themselves and also not feel alone in their struggles with mental illnesses. It can be very empowering. Of course there are others who want to identify in a different way which is also fine. The first choice of saying “I am” gets criticized more by others and really needs to be as respected as any other choice including the choice to just identify as a person, not a person with a mental illness. There is room for all! Great comic

Pride in Madness

Check out this great comic from Everyday Feminism by ChristineDeneweth about identifying as your disorder! Many of us use person first language which would have us saying, “I am a person with Borderline Personality Disorder.” That is 100% ok! Others, like myself, do identify with our disorder and will say, “I am Borderline.” This is also 100% ok! How you identify is your business and no one can tell you that you are wrong!

Here is the link to the comic:

The comic link also includes a transcript.

language 3 Image from Everyday Feminist comic: First Panel reads, ‘Hold up! Pause!” Second Panel, “I just told Mike that I was schizophrenic. That was my truth! While there’s nothing wrong with identifying as a person with schizophrenia, that’s not my word choice.” Third Panel, “When you correct a person with a mental disorder you take away their identity and silence them. You…

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