Poem: Accepting the Donald Trump within Me

Time is running out. I have to accept my own Donald Trump before he takes over and actually does something really stupid.

Trump loves whatever he says.

He doesn’t think before talking.

He loves attention. (I think my Trump is writing this poem.)

He loves to say crazy things and not agree with them the next minute.

He thinks he is really unique and worships himself.

He doesn’t like playing by the rules.

Hmmm. Sounds familiar.

My inner assistant Angie is keeping him in line

Angie knows when to say to my Trump:

“Shut the Fuck Up!”


3 thoughts on “Poem: Accepting the Donald Trump within Me

  1. This is a very interesting perspective; it’s so tempting to try and ignore all mentions of him, to react to him with hatred and disgust. But you’re right, he has become a symbol of the human tendency to give in to the characteristics you described… Perhaps accepting them in ourselves is the first step toward shutting him up!


  2. Yes. I realized I do identify with his grandiosity and desire for attention and his thinking how everything he says is great the moment he says it and then forgets he said it and contradicts himself. I frustrate people I’m close to with that. I said that? Well I forgot I even said it and I actually meant the opposite!
    I also often as soon as I get an idea I think it’s so unique and great, but then I’ve learned to wait a while because later on I realize it wasn’t so great. So I get really excited but I’m not so dumb any more. It’s still fun to be exuberant in the moment…

    I do not identify with his terrible ideas that are very prejudiced and racist and anti-Muslim, etc.


  3. I did’t see that coming! That’s a good point. I agree with the first comment. Learning to accept those things within ourselves should help us be able to shut him out of our system.


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