2.) Part 2: New Year, New Me…

New Year’s Resolutions and the Excitement of Collective Failure

New Years Resolutions are great for people who go about things in the way I described in the first post, we “Unfinishers”, who have tons of irrelevant ideas and don’t communicate in a logical way. We get to watch the people who seem impossibly gifted at and able to do everything we can’t,  fail miserably especially at  following through on a goal and keep it going. It’s twistedly fun to watch such people make new years resolutions and drop them. Probably a huge percentage of organized people who make such resolutions fail at keeping them, and these people are not used to not following through on things the rest of the year.

Sorry it sounds mean, but imagine you are someone who has unwritten books and unfinished life things all over. It’s fun watching the people who do these things so effortlessly not follow their usual path. Sort of like when a child told me she loves being inside looking out the window when it’s raining or any extreme weather. ” “It’s fun to watch those people and know they are wet and cold and tired and be dry and indoors looking out the window at them.” Yay for twisted Sadism.

Great acceptable ways to have fun watching others having challenges and being miserable. It’s human nature.



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