Day 2: Write a List

Ray Bradbury wrote a list of nouns to get inspired. I will try it too.

  1. caviar
  2. heads
  3. sandwiches
  4. The thing on a ceiling fan that turns
  5. lint trap
  6. matches
  7. oven thermometer
  8. cork paper
  9. arteries
  10. surge protector
  11. planets
  12. eyes
  13. fringe
  14. cape
  15. stamp
  16. selfie-stick
  17. fog
  18. indignation
  19. boxing gloves
  20. cable
  21. bridge
  22. castle
  23. cloud
  24. brush pen
  25. dream catcher
  26. mermaid
  27. water

I’m not sure what this list will do for me. I guess while making it, I was judging myself for mostly listing objects I’m seeing in my studio. If I look at it from another person’s point of view, any of these things could be a portal into something else and could spark something creative. I’m too lazy right now to actually try using five of them in a few sentences. It feels forced.


3 thoughts on “Day 2: Write a List

  1. I’m thinking you could tie sixteen of these together in a killer poem, like:

    What use has a mermaid for a surge protector?
    Will it help her clean the lint trap?
    In a fit of indignation
    She stamps her foot
    And eyes the thing on the ceiling fan that turns around.
    Impatiently, she makes a caviar sandwich,
    Which immediately gets soaked because of all the water.
    The dream catcher snatches all her aspirations.
    She crawls out onto the bridge shrouded in fog,
    Tying a cable-knit sweater round her neck like a cape,
    While the clouds hide the planets.


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