#BathroomArtOnly Continued

I’ve written/started to write many posts since last post, and they all end up drafts. I started writing about my current art project and went into long sentences, going all over the place, so now I will try to just write a few sentences that go to my intent and what the art is so far:

  • Art has no gender. Or does pink and silver and glitter go to some kind of gendered place for you?
  • Art is the one place I can explore concepts that don’t exist in our everyday world, such as:
  • What gender(s) are you today?
  • Is everything you put on your body just a construction? In neutral terms you may wear a dress and have any kind of gender identification, as soon as you construct something or go outside where you know others are constructing something, you have stepped out of the image and into language.
  • When I make a painting or collage, I can be in an idealized world where objects talk and gender is irrelevant or playful.
  • When you make art, you free yourself from identity, or you can express your unique identity freely, free from judgments of yourself and others.
  • Judgments kill creativity. Judgments rob your soul of freedom.
  • Bathrooms when they properly respect all people’s rights, are the ultimate place of equality of everyone. Everyone poops.
  • when pooping you have a chance to contemplate or just poop. It’s an ideal time to have an art piece that is looking at you and you may look back.
  • Art can have power to transform through being new and beyond words, even calming.
  • Art can be loud and obnoxious and in your face, yelling what needs to be yelled about all people need to be equally honored and respected, no matter what.
  • Basic and simple, yet we still need to be yelling until this really happens.
  • when it happens there will be no more court cases about bathroom rights and other basic rights.

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