New Comic Strip: The Daily Catastrophe

Last Friday I reprised an old comic strip from years ago, called "The Daily Catastrophe". I decided it would be good for my book to do a daily comic strip and stay in the comics mode.

The first few were rough, too much writing squished into a small space and not that legible, but it was a start.

Tuesday was a long day and included a lot of soul searching and thinking about advice about my big book project that resulted in me getting in touch with my old graphic novel teacher. She was very helpful and actually remembered me from her 2000 class at the Open Center. Her pearls of wisdom was to write less and write in caps.

I then attempted to sum up the first couple of strips in a new revised one:

The above one was another attempt to let the pictures speak and be mindful of where the words were and how many…

This one above, Thursday's, also shows my attempts to be more clear and not crowd the page…

The one below is today's. I found a fun pad at Muji with boxes drawn in and enjoyed playing around and being goofy. It's one of my favorites.

I love how doing comics daily brings up unexpected things, even characters, like the feet, which now are a big part of the strip and in my book.

Doing daily comics is a great discipline and I really do want to keep it up; it's like playing scales and chords when you practice piano…


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