What gender are you today? The pronoun “they”, Part 1

I am going to do at least 2 posts per month as I never do weekly when I aim for it, on gender.

I aim for these posts to be very short, so I don’t get going into pages and not publishing.

The pronoun “they”, you probably have some opinion on it.

My proposal:

Use the pronoun “they” more in all situations with the goal of eventually using it most of the time unless someone prefer she or he.

Start by respecting everyone’s right to be a person first and if “they” offends them, find out what they want to be called.

I use they more and more as a gender non conforming person, not because I prefer it to “she” for myself but because I prefer it as the first one to use universally.

I hope 100 years from now or less, she and he will be irrelevant because gender will finally be as irrelevant as it should be.

Aiming for the ideal is great because you start to co create it, even in a tiny way on a blog.


Please Share Your Thoughts!

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