Short Light Post!

My new writing challenge involves keeping to the point and organizing ideas so I will try that and delete the long disorganized piece I just wrote.

FYI, if you read this blog  you know the fun part of adult ADHD is coming to realize something new, finding it really cool and exciting, and also realizing, EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY KNEW THIS, so they won’t want to hear about it. That means BLOG about it!

  • Issue: Setting the following rules with myself about reading that are no longer useful and that I hardly ever follow!
    • Choose the book with some rational reason for wanting to read it.
    • If you start and get further than a few pages, you must read the whole book.
    • You must read the book in the order it was written, start to finish.
  • Problems:
    • My relationship to reading and books and writing has changed drastically over 45ish years.
    • Thus, this framework is old, not useful, ineffective, and doesn’t fit my current relationship to reading.
    • The rules are now connected erroneously to some idea about ADHD and following those rules meaning you are doing the right thing to address the ADHD, thus resulting in the ADHD trap of feeling like you can’t do things other people do with ease.


  • Read plot and content summaries.
  • Look at Table of Contents and Index.
  • Read a small part of a random page in the middle of the book.
  • Choose part of the book and read that only.
  • Don’t read the book in page number sequence. Pick and choose.
  • If appropriate, check out the paper, the font, the layout and the visuals.


  • I have a deep reverance for books shaped by my childhood and adolescence, of which books played a huge and extremely positive part.
  • Working with ADHD tendencies instead of against them is a more effective strategy.
  • I can allow myself to apply that to reading.
  • It is more fun to do the above things with a book.
  • It doesn’t mean I don’t read all books start to finish.
  • I only recently discovered audio books and realized I had a bunch on my “BOOKSHELF”, and wasn’t finishing them, so it can apply to audio books as well.
  • Switching from fiction to non fiction is a big switch and obviously involves changing how I read those books.


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