15 Minutes


I tried to edit this post but wordpress is acting weird. I posted the images first as they’re easiest to post on my phone. I scan them through my phone and post them. It’s easier of course to write on the computer, not the phone.

This is my 15 minute practice for today. I had enough time to draw 15 minutes in the morning and almost forgot about needing to do the writing. I’m on Day 48 of my morning practice and daily drawing/writing. Now I’m in the zone where it oscillates between feeling bored when writing and not having much to say with suddenly having something to say and it works best if it isn’t a lot of words. Like with this image. It reminded me of the house painting I wrote about on the back. That got kicked up by watching “Nanette”, Hannah Gadsby on Netflix. I never cried before during a stand up performance, and I never got the itch to write. I wrote the stuff on the back of the drawing soon after seeing the show. Not as part of the 15 minutes. She talks about telling her story and how comedy as a form can get in the way of the truth and speaking your story. It was fascinating in all sorts of ways.

I’ve been writing personal narrative types of things for a long time, but it feels weird to write about memories from childhood and it feels wrong to say much. I don’t know why. Not because there were a lot of bad things as they’re weren’t, but more out of privacy, like respecting the memories. I only remember small bits of things anyway, so it protects the personal from becoming too personal. It’s weird what you can feel is too personal. Of course everyone is very different. The writing on the back of that drawing was only a tiny glimpse and I didn’t specify a lot of things. Mostly I’ve been interested in talking about art and more recent memories surrounding art making and art materials. I thought of that painting being a big deal to me, because I’ve noticed that some images that stick with me or inspire me are not in museums or even identified to an actual artist. I have an Ikea tray with great birds drawn on it that I’ve copied. I’ve copied canisters with fruit drawn on them. I like the idea of the unknown artist. Somebody drew those Ikea birds; I don’t think a computer did it. Last week I was at the Apple Store taking a drawing painting sketching class and the guy was demonstrating something on ProCreate and drew a bird. I found out later that he copied the bird from the bag I had with me. It’s a great bag a patient gave me with African style drawings of  birds and masks.

Lately I’ve been looking at Edward Gorey’s drawings; certainly he’s a well known artist. I haven’t ever seen a show with his original drawings in it. Guess what! There is an Edward Gorey House! I will have to look into where it is. It sounds like a very cool place to visit.

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